Our Story

Once upon a time, in a land far, far, away... Wait! that was something else. KitchenFire started with a group of guys wanting to get out of the office to do something athletic. What started as a silly game in the park has become a total obsession! As graphic designers we wanted to create something special. After searching for unique products to put graphics on, we decided that we needed to make our products from the ground up. Our new line of shirts, shorts, and skorts ( skorts and shorts coming soon'ish) are designed specifically for KitchenFire. The fabric, the cut and the design all come together to give the best performance on the court.

What you see on the website today is just the beginning. We are working on new products, striving to get the perfect cut, sizing, and comfort and we will add them to our lineup when we feel like they truly represent the KitchenFire Brand. Our commitment to quality and style will be our guide to producing the best performance gear.

Please give our products a try and join Team KitchenFire Today!